Keeping It Simple

If the food crisis continues to worsen in the United States or if a triggering event makes the "crap hit the fan," having food that can last for the long haul will separate those who are secure from those who are either starving or standing in government breadlines.

Stocking up on long-term storage food can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. We've selected five premium products from two distributors. Why only five? Because they cover our nutritional and caloric needs while still offering the quality one would hope.

The apocalypse doesn't have to taste terrible, but unfortunately the vast majority of long-term storage food is horrible. The five products we selected are the very rare exceptions.

We have partnered with Prepper Organics and Heaven's Harvest to help distribute their products. They are offered without distributor mark-up; our prices match the best prices offered directly from the companies. We do this because our primary goal is to help more Americans become self-sufficient before the anticipated challenges ahead.

You can shop stores that offer bulk discounts and dozens of variations of boxes or buckets of food that is "meh," or you can keep it simple with us. Our prices are already "bulk" - it doesn't matter whether you buy one or a hundred. Don't fall for the bulk-buy ploy.

May God Bless AMerica. We definitely need it.